Tuesday, 26 April 2016

New format

Over the past two years since The Anzac Legend was first published (boy, that's gone quick!) I've had some feedback which has made me look at changing the book from landscape to portrait format.

I chose the original landscape format because it was the best for showing the broad maps which are a large part of the books success, but the portrait format is the preferred format for book-sellers and libraries to display the book on their shelves. After some initial trials I found that I could rearrange the panels without too much hassle.

It is a slow process, and a slight reduction in panel sizes, but generally I'm pleased with the result, and the pages look good.

Some pages are not as easily or neatly arranged as the panels are of various sizes and shapes; but with a little work I manage to get them together OK.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Turkish Defence at Anzac

I have come across this fantastic book by Mr Mesut Uyar called "The Ottoman Defence Against The Anzac Landing" published 2015.

This is the book I was looking for while I was researching  The Anzac Legend. It's a pity it was published after my book. It gives great insight into the Ottoman Army and it's pre-Great War development.
Of most interest to me was the revelations of Kemal's movements during the day of 25 April 1915, and also the involvement of the 72nd and 77th Regiments. Previous books I've read did not clearly and sensibly outline these important parts of the battle.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants the latest good oil on the Ottoman Army side of the battle. Apart from all the background info, unfortunately it only covers the day of the Landing in detail.