Sunday, 8 December 2013

A few panels

Here are a few interesting panels from my book

The first one gives a good indication of how eyewitness accounts vary in their description of of how deep the water was that they jumped into when landing. Some chaps said it was very deep and others only knee deep. Interesting to note the type of tucker the soldiers were given, and that they relied on firewood to heat it. This is one of the reasons why within a few weeks the landscape became virtually denuded of vegetation.

This next panel shows the "Sphinx", and also the cliffs of Sari Bair that some of the Anzacs actually climbed to get at the Ottoman defenders. Although Colonel Clark told his men to dump their packs, he decided to carry his to the top. He was half way up and struggling when another younger soldier caught up to him and suggested he leave the pack behind. Clark was determined to take it with him so the younger soldier carried it the rest of the way. Clarke was 57 years old!

This next exert shows the small group of Turks who were found in a small stone hut in Shrapnel Gully. It is said they were surprised in the hut as if they didn't know the Anzacs had landed. It seems a bit odd, but this event happened within the first 15 minutes, or so, of the Landing. So possibly they had been forgotten by their commanders when all the excitement started; and they themselves didn't hear the shooting on the other side of the MacLagen's Ridge, which is directly behind the hut they were in. Strange things can happen.

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