Friday, 13 June 2014

Gallipoli Air War

I'm currently reading "Gallipoli Air War" by Hugh Dolan.

It's a really good book! Very interesting and written in an informal, open manner. This is the first book I've read by Mr Dolan (apart from "Gallipoli: The Landing". Z Beach True Comics), and I'm finding it most interesting.
It deals with a part of the Gallipoli campaign of which I was totally unaware, and is seldom referred to.
I knew their were planes operating on both sides, but was ignorant to the extent of their involvement.

A panel (on page 49) of "The Anzac Legend"
Hugh's writing style is very laid back and relaxed, making it very easy to read and identify with the characters involved. Of course it is a historical account, so the "characters" are actual people and not fictional. Hugh's familiarity and fondness for flying is easily felt as he describes the flying machines and their sorties over enemy territory under enemy ground fire; scouring the country side for intelligence, enemy troops, enemy artillery, spotting for the Naval ships, bombing raids, etc. Great stuff!
Hugh occasionally relates the story of nearly a century ago with his own experiences as an Intelligence Officer in the RAAF  in Iraq during the recent conflict there. This quite often highlights that over that period of time quite a few things haven't changed one iota, and today's airmen have the same, or very similar, obstacles to overcome. Some things never change.

If you get a chance - read the book. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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