Saturday, 8 November 2014

HMAS Sydney vs SMS Emden, 09 Nov 1914

One hundred years ago today Australia's most significant battle up to that time, was fought. It was between HMAS Sydney and the German raider SMS Emden.

I have already briefly covered some aspects of this battle on a previous post:

The following pictures are from my book which briefly describes the battle :-

For a more detailed account, go to this site:-


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  2. Sorry, first message went astray!

    What a great post to commemorate a significant event. I am really enjoying The ANZAC Legend, Dave, what a sensational achievement. I'd not see the 100th anniversary site for Battle of Cocos too - nice one.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Oswald. I'm glad you're enjoying. I'll put another post up soon.

    2. You may be interested in the book. It's available for purchase; just click on the link to Wotsleft Books (top right).